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  puce Worsted / Semi worsted spinning(33)   puceWoollen spinning(8)  
  puce Cotton spinning(61)   puceFlax spinning(8)  
  puce Continious yarn and Fiber(7)   puceWinding(6)  
  puce Non woven(34)   puceWeaving(79)  
  puce Fancy yarn(1)   puceTwisting(1)  
  puce Tearing(14)   puceKnitting(17)  
  puce Finishing(3)   puceDyeing(17)  
  puce Printing(3)   puceCoating(1)  
  puce Sewing(3)   puceropes and braiding(1)  
  puce Peripheric machinery for the textile industry(9)   puceOthers activity(2)  
  puce Tufting(3)   pucePress(11)  
  puce Laboratory equipment(17)   puce Lot of machines or complete plant  
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