Weaving (79)

  puce Direct warper(2)
  puce Sectional warper(3)
  puce Sizing machine(3)
  puce Air jet looms(12)
  puce Rapier looms(15)
  puce Projectile looms(1)
  puce Jacquard weaving looms(16)
  puce Carpet weaving looms(2)
  puce Terry weaving looms(5)
  puce Velvet weaving looms(1)
  puce Braiding looms(1)
  puce Narrow fabric looms for tapes and belts(5)
  puce Inspecting machine(2)
  puce Winding folding machine(1)
  puce Other machines(2)
  puce Cone to cone winder(3)
  puce Accessories(3)
  puce Machine de coupe et empliage(1)
  puce Crocheting machine(1)
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fleche BCCF01-001 Cone to cone winder FADIS .


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fleche JWMS14-001 SOMET ALPHA Jacquard weaving looms


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fleche JWMS09-003 SOMET ALPHA PGA Jacquard weaving looms


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fleche LSTA01-001 Laboratory Steamer ARIOLI .


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fleche MLRD03-009 Rapier looms DORNIER PTV 8/S


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fleche JWMD05-004 DORNIER PTV 8J Jacquard weaving looms


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fleche MLRD06-007 Rapier looms DORNIER HTVS


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fleche NAWM02-006 MULLER NFN 53 Narrow fabric looms for tapes and belts


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fleche MLRV06-005 Rapier looms VAMATEX LEONARDO SILVER Hi Drive


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